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Photography Born Of Family, Inspired By The Sea, Shaped By a Decade of World Travel Photography

How did I get into photography?

My photography journey really started when I became a dad. Back in the late 1990s, my children were born in beautiful places fronting the Pacific Ocean. Like many dads or for that matter, many parents, all I wanted was to capture every precious moment of their and our lives as a growing family. It just so happened that we started our family lives along some of the most awesome coastal scenery in the world.  Nonetheless, probably like many of us, my reason and motivation for taking pictures was because of my children. One might say that I am a prolific family photographer today because of my family.

When did I think I could do memorable photography?

As a young dad and family, the tropical, sun-kissed, tropical, paradise beaches of beautiful Hawaii were our everyday if not every week family playground. Through the years, we became blessed with lives of living in over four different continents. And as a "family photographer", I was gifted with thousands of opportunities to capture frequent beach and water-going experiences in many corners of the world - from the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Southern Oceans, to smaller Mediterranean, Agean, Adriatic, Balearic, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Norwegian, North and South China, and Tasman Seas. Whenever possible, I was always (and continue to be) drawn to taking the camera close to, on and under the water. My favorite subjects and composition always included something of the water. During what I call the magical wonder years of children, circa 2007, one of our favorite family playgrounds was a ??beach peninsula?? in New South Wales, Australia, an amazing collection of undeveloped white sand beaches in a place called Jervis Bay. The uhuh moment(s) or photo(s) that told me that I could actually take some awesome photos were taken while I was in the water (my favorite place to be). 

Photo of mphotos of Aleea and then the family in Jervis Bay, Aleea's wave shot, and MJA jump shot???

At that time, I had had my first DSLR and my photography skills were reliant on my Nikon D50's automatic mode and I simply relied on my eye and perspective to capture those really special moments.

My First Uhuh Photo Moment

Digital Imagery and Photography Equipment

Digital SLRs were not a mainstream option in the late nineties, but I tried to digitize whatever images I was able to capture back then with whatever tools I could afford. That said, my years of video and photography equipment consisted of the following: - JVC Camcorder used with Snappy Video Snapshot (1996-1998) - Chinon CS 35mm SLR Film Camera M42 Mount with 28mm 1:2.8 Kalimar lens (1998-2000) - Fujifilm FinePix Point and Shoot (2000-2003) - Nikon D50 DSLR with Kit Lenses (2003-2007) - Nikon D700 DSLR (2007-2015), Nikon 24-70mm, Nikon 70-200mm, Sigma 35mm - Sony A7R II (2016-Present), Sony 85mm GM, Sony 24-70mm GM - Sony A99 II (2017-Present), Sony

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